The Brooklyn Dental Center: Understanding Pediatric Tooth Decay

The Brooklyn Dental Center: Understanding Pediatric Tooth Decay

Every parent always wants their children to have a healthy mouth with healthy teeth. Whether the child is very young or in the process of losing their primary teeth, having their oral health care of is mandatory. The dental health of a child is as important as their overall wellbeing. It is of no surprise […]

What Causes Pediatric Tooth Decay?

What Causes Pediatric Tooth Decay?

Whether your child is newborn or has matured and is in the phase of growing his permanent teeth, you have to make sure that the child maintains proper oral hygiene. You want all the best for your child, not just physically, but orally as well. The truth is the oral health of your child is […]

Best Dentist in Brooklyn NY: Why Baby Teeth Care is Important

Best Dentist in Brooklyn NY: Why Baby Teeth Care is Important

Tooth decay is one of the most preventable childhood diseases and the most prevalent. There are several causes for it. As a way of avoiding tantrums caused by children overeating, most parents tend to give their children a lot of sugary foods that lack the necessary nutrients. A good number of parents also fail to […]

Happy Dental Visit in Brooklyn: Child’s Experience

Happy Dental Visit

Happy Dental Visit in Brooklyn Children’s dental health is important and to start them out right, they need to be scheduled for a regular dental visit, even at a young age. Continued dental checkups will help your child’s fear of the dentist disappear and their experience will be a positive one. At Eco Dental NY, […]

Looking After Your Kid’s Primary Teeth

Cycle Of Tooth Cavity

Your Kid’s Primary Teeth When your child is still in the womb, their teeth start to form and will erupt when your child reaches about 6 months old. Of course, the timing of eruption will differ from child to child, but you can expect a tooth to appear somewhere between 6 months and one year. […]

Tongue Tie Treatment – Pediatric Dentistry Brooklyn

Pediatric Dentistry Brooklyn

Tongue Tie Treatment Ankyloglossia or tongue tie is a condition that is present when a child is born, and the condition affects the child’s ability to freely move their tongue within their mouth. The range of the tongue’s motion is restricted. When tongue tie is present, there will be a thick band of tissue that […]

Kids Teeth Flossing: 5 Top Parents Questions

Kids Teeth Flossing

Kids Teeth Flossing As a parent, you likely struggle to get your children to brush and floss their teeth. You may be wondering if flossing is actually that important. The short answer is yes, kids teeth flossing is important and needs to be done. Did you know that young children should be flossing their teeth? […]