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Advanced Dental Technology in Brooklyn 11229

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Advanced Dental Technology in Brooklyn 11229

The ultimate in dental laser technology. Combining laser and water, Waterlase works without the need for anesthesia or the drill. It is used for minimally invasive dental treatment for tooth colored bonded fillings and for many gum procedures helping you avoid the need for gum surgery.
Same day dental crowns with the E4D 3D laser imaging and milling machine. It allows us to laser scan your teeth for crowns instead of taking impressions. All ceramic crowns are made during your appointment with precision accuracy so you don’t have to go home with a temporary crown.

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Your comfort is our priority we use the new DentalVibe for pain-free injections. This revolutionary device delivers soothing pulsed vibrations to the area where an injection is being administered, tricking the brain from feeling any pain. For adults & children.

For instant x-rays with 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays.

We place a small camera inside your mouth to improve diagnosis and show you details about any imperfections with your teeth.

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Electric High Speed Hand Pieces: Quieter and more efficient than conventional drills.

Used for the most efficient and comfortable dental cleanings

Oral Cancer Screening: We use the latest advanced technology for early detection of oral cancer. Sapphire screening machine features a special light that is used to painlessly detect abnormal, unhealthy tissue in your mouth.

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