Dental Implants, Bridges or Dentures?

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Dental Implants, Bridges or Dentures in Brooklyn 11229

Learn About Dental Implants, Bridges or Dentures.

Dental Implants, Bridges or Dentures in Brooklyn 11229

Missing teeth are a common problem and one that many people find embarrassing and upsetting. If you are in this position then your dentist will probably have explained the importance of replacing teeth as soon as possible and they might have chatted to you about possible options.

Bridges and Dentures

Bridges and dentures are both affordable and treatment is pretty quick to complete. If you already know people with either a bridge or a denture, then you might have been impressed with the results as the materials used to make replacement teeth are increasingly sophisticated so the teeth look very natural. Deciding to have a bridge or denture can seem a tempting option as you’ll soon have your new teeth in position and treatment will be over and done with.

So why should you think about dental implants? On the face of it this treatment may not seem worthwhile as initially it is more expensive and treatment can take several months to complete. Additionally, it is necessary to undergo a very small surgical procedure and although there are multiple ways of ensuring treatment is comfortable, the thought of any further surgery can put some people off. However, it is worth taking a longer term view of your dental health and looking at the advantages provided that may be provided by opting for dental implants in the coming years.

Dental Implants Can Be More Cost-Effective over the Longer Term

Initially treatment may be more expensive, but over the longer term you may find your dental implant will be more cost-effective than having a bridge. This is particularly true if you need to replace a single tooth that would either require a single implant crown or a three tooth bridge. All types of false teeth will need replacing periodically and a bridge or crown is no different. However, when the time comes you will only need to replace a single crown compared to a three tooth bridge. This is a significant saving.

Dental Implants Preserve Your Existing Natural Teeth

When you have a bridge it’s necessary for your dentist to shape the teeth adjacent to the gap as these must be crowned in order to support the bridge. The replacement tooth is then attached to the crowns. You may wish to consider a bridge if these adjacent teeth are already quite heavily filled or could really do with crowning. Otherwise bear in mind that your dentist will be cutting down healthy teeth and there is an increased risk that they could become decayed or infected in the future if these crowns begin to leak.

If you opt for a partial denture, this will be held in place by metal clasps around your natural teeth and these do place stress on these teeth.

Additionally, it’s possible your dentist will need to slightly reshape these teeth in order to hold the clasps in place.

Dental implants don’t require any of these modifications as they are supported by the implant posts that replace your natural tooth roots.

Root Canal Brooklyn

Dental Implants Preserve Your Jawbone

Bone loss is inevitable once your natural tooth roots are removed but this can be halted by having a dental implant that artificially replaces the tooth root. This is the only option that can do this.

Deciding whether to have advanced dental implants is a big decision to make which is why it’s good to visit an experienced implant dentist in Brooklyn, New York.

We will be able to discuss all the pros and cons of treatment and can help you decide which option will be best for you.

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