What Causes Pediatric Tooth Decay?

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Whether your child is newborn or has matured and is in the phase of growing his permanent teeth, you have to make sure that the child maintains proper oral hygiene.

You want all the best for your child, not just physically, but orally as well. The truth is the oral health of your child is as important as the overall health.

Dental conditions are determined by what you do when the child is still young. The way you handle your kid’s dental health determines what happens when they grow up – either to maintain proper hygiene or to have poor dental hygiene.

As a new parent, you now know that working with a pediatric dentist saves the kid from regular future visits to the dentist’s office as a grown-up. Many new parents give the excuse of not knowing where to start from when it comes to dental care for the kid, but a call to a dentist will resolve this.

It is ironic that when parents are making sure that their kids are up to date with their immunizations and vaccines, they neglect their kids’ oral health.

Many parents have turned out to be the cause of their child’s oral health in many ways:

Neglecting their Kids’ Oral Hygiene

Many parents don’t think it is essential for a kid to start cleaning their teeth. They go on to neglect the mouth until the kid develops the baby’s teeth. Even with more baby teeth erupting, the parents don’t think it is vital to clean them.

Parents will go a whole length to try and convince their kids to clean their teeth regularly, but they don’t clean baby teeth with the same consistency. They feel that baby teeth don’t matter so much because they are just temporary and will eventually fall out and be replaced with permanent teeth.

Caring for baby teeth isn’t the same way you handle your teeth. You need to use a damp, moist cloth to clean the gums before the baby teeth erupt. While at it, you need to understand that primary teeth will eventually fall out, but if there are cavities, they get transferred to the permanent teeth.

Taking Kids to the dentist too Late

Many parents don’t know when the right time to take the kid to the dentist is. They procrastinate on this until cavities have set in, and this is too late. If you find that the kid already has a full set of primary teeth, you are late.

Many parents postpone this act until it is too late, which means that issues have occurred with the teeth, and these issues need complicated treatment for a more extended period. It also becomes expensive to handle conditions when the tissues are already damaged.

Parents That don’t Care about What the Child Eats

As a parent, the first task you have is to help your child learn good eating habits. However, kids love sweet things, and the parent won’t try to stop them. These sugary foods aren’t good for the kid’s health. One of the causes of cavities is sugary foods.

Candy, though sweet, is sticky and gets lodged between the gaps in teeth, making them hard to dislodge. This leads to bacteria between the teeth.

You also need to come up with a snacking schedule for your kids. You need to make sure you have a limit on the portions that you give your kids and the mealtime schedule. Remember that the more the kid eats in a day, the more bacteria and germs accumulate in their mouths.

The more the food, the harder it gets for the child to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. This increases the possibility of the food particles lodging in the mouth and leading to tooth decay and cavities.

Lacking the dentist’s Number

Did you know that every issue that crops up with your teeth has a bearing on the growth of your child? This is the reason why you need to have the dentist’s number of speed dial all the time. If you have any issue with the baby’s teeth, give the dentist a call immediately to get guidance on what to do.

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