Your Kid’s Primary Teeth

When your child is still in the womb, their teeth start to form and will erupt when your child reaches about 6 months old. Of course, the timing of eruption will differ from child to child, but you can expect a tooth to appear somewhere between 6 months and one year. The first teeth to grow in are the front two bottom teeth followed by the front two top teeth. Once your child has reached age three, he or she should have about twenty teeth.

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Primary Teeth: Do They Really Matter?

Yes! Primary teeth will start to become loose and prepare to fall out around six years of age. As the adult teeth start to push up, the roots from the primary teeth are reabsorbed. While primary teeth are only in your child’s mouth for a few years, they matter, and it is important to ensure proper dental care is being followed.

One of the most common misconceptions we hear at Eco Dental NY is that baby teeth do not matter and there does not need to be a lot of focus on them. This is a myth we want to dispel because not caring for your child’s baby teeth can lead to problems later on down the road.

Primary Teeth to Permanent Teeth

Once a child receives their primary teeth, they will find that they can eat a wider variety of food and they will not struggle to chew their food either. It is important that children receive the proper nutrients to ensure growth and development.

Your child will start to lose their primary teeth at about six years of age; however, some children are older, and some are younger. It is important that ALL primary teeth remain in place until they are ready to fall out and the permanent tooth ready to grow in. If primary teeth are lost before they are ready, this can cause spacing issues when the adult teeth are ready to grow in. Teeth that are crooked or not spaced correctly may require orthodontic treatment to fix.

How to Help Your Child Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a serious concern in children, and it can be uncomfortable and unsightly too. Our pediatric dentist in Brooklyn can help your child keep their teeth healthy. It can be difficult to convince a child to brush and floss their teeth, but our team is here to help with that. We have techniques and tips that can assist you and your child in making sure tooth decay stays away. Early dental care for your child can help them feel comfortable about visiting the dentist as well. (Read also: First Dental Visit). Fear of the dentist is real, and it is important to help young children learn to love the dentist! Call us today to schedule your child’s appointment.