Kids Teeth Flossing: 5 Top Parents Questions

Kids Teeth Flossing

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Kids Teeth Flossing

As a parent, you likely struggle to get your children to brush and floss their teeth. You may be wondering if flossing is actually that important. The short answer is yes, kids teeth flossing is important and needs to be done. Did you know that young children should be flossing their teeth? At Eco Dental NY, we find that many parents do not know this and therefore, young children may not be flossing their teeth as they should.

The moment a child’s teeth grow in, they need to be flossed. It is important for your child to practice flossing and build up a healthy routine. Flossing is the only way to remove the buildup of food that becomes trapped between the teeth. Unfortunately, a toothbrush cannot reach into these small areas and not flossing can cause tooth decay. By making sure that your children are properly flossing their teeth, your child’s chances of tooth decay and gum disease are reduced. 

Kids Teeth Flossing

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When Should Kids Teeth Flossing Begin?

As we mentioned above, young children should start flossing their teeth from the moment they come in. Since children do start to receive their teeth at a young age, it can be difficult to get them to floss or understand how to do it. At Eco Dental NY, we recommend that you help your child by having them lay down on your lap, so that you can see their teeth. From there, you can properly floss their teeth for them. If you are unsure of how to floss correctly, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our pediatric dentists in Brooklyn, who can teach you.

Want to try flossing your child’s teeth tonight? We recommend that you sing a song to them or tell them a story about how important daily flossing is as you do it. This will help calm their nerves and allow them to relax.

Should I Use a Specific Type of Floss for My Child’s Teeth?

There are many different brands and types of dental floss on the market and the truth is, you can use whatever you feel is best. Remember, the type of floss you choose should be comfortable for your child, which means you may need to try out a few different types and brands until you find one that works.

If you choose traditional floss, you will want to wrap the floss around both of your middle fingers and hold it between your index fingers and thumbs, so that you will be able to easily maneuver the floss and slide it between the teeth. You should hold the floss so that it creates the shape of a “C” around the tooth and then move it up and down. If you do not want to use traditional floss, you can try using stick floss, which may be easier.

Regular Flossing: What Makes it More Comfortable for My Child?

Your child’s teeth should be flossed once per day and the best time is right before they go to bed. While you and your child may struggle to get it done every night, it is important to do as your child will become more comfortable with it over time. In addition, flossing regularly will help the gums become strong and remain healthy.

When Should My Child Begin Flossing without My Help?

Flossing is crucial to your child’s overall oral health and it does take a lot of dexterity to do. Your child should be able to brush his or her teeth by themselves around the age of 7 or 8. However, you may need to help them floss until they are about 9 or 10.

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