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Tongue Tie Treatment

Ankyloglossia or tongue tie is a condition that is present when a child is born, and the condition affects the child’s ability to freely move their tongue within their mouth. The range of the tongue’s motion is restricted. When tongue tie is present, there will be a thick band of tissue that is attached at the floor of the mouth and the tip of the tongue. The tissue is known as the lingual frenulum. A child’s ability to swallow, speak, and eat is affected, which means the child may also have problems with breastfeeding. (Want to learn more? Read more about your child’s first dental visit.) If your child is experiencing this problem and you want to discuss tongue tie treatment, call Eco Dental NY today.

Pediatric Dentistry Brooklyn

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When to Seek Tongue Tie Treatment

Symptoms of a Tongue Tie

One of the first and most noticeable symptoms of a tongue tie is that the child will have difficulty sticking out their tongue. They may even experience difficulty touching the roof of their mouth with their tongue or moving their tongue from side to side. If a child with a tongue tie can stick out their tongue, you may notice that it is heart shaped or has a notch.

Tongue Tie – What Causes It?

The lingual frenulum is supposed to separate from the tongue prior to a baby being born, which allows the tongue to move freely. If a tongue tie is present, the frenulum stays intact. There is no known cause of why some children are born with a tongue tie and others without. It is thought to be that this is a genetic condition.

When Is Treatment for a Tongue Tie Needed?

Tongue tie treatment is often recommended because if your child has a tongue tie, they may not be able to speak clearly, and they may need speech therapy services. This condition can make it difficult for a child to perform everyday tasks such as swallowing, eating, or even licking a lollipop or ice cream. When children become older, this condition can make it difficult to maintain good oral health

When it comes to maintaining good oral health, your tongue constantly moves bacteria and food particles away from your teeth, thus reducing your risk for gum disease and dental caries. Children with a tongue tie are at greater risk of these things as their tongue does not freely move, hence why it is important to have the condition treated. (Read more on children’s tooth decay.)

Lastly, this condition can cause issues with spacing and orthodontic treatment may be needed in the future.

Tongue Tie Treatment in Brooklyn

Our pediatric dentist in Brooklyn can identify a tongue tie and provide the proper treatment for it as well. The procedure is known as a frenectomy and is a quick procedure that will cause minimal to no discomfort for the child and will immediately correct the problem.  Once the procedure is completed, your child will heal quickly and can enjoy a full range of movement from their tongue.

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