Root Canal Brooklyn Treatment: Who is the Perfect Candidate?

Root Canal Brooklyn Treatment: Who is the Perfect Candidate?

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Root canal is carried out to repair a tooth that has been damaged, saving it from extraction. The process is named so because it involves cleaning of the canals that connect to the root of the tooth.

Traditionally, root canal treatment used to cause so much fear in people, but with the advancements made in technology, the process is painless today. You will endure more pain living with the decaying root than undergoing root canal.

Just because an individual is suffering from toothache does not mean that they need to undergo root canal.  A dental expert is the one to decide on this after carrying out a thorough checkup of the patient’s teeth.

Let us look at some top signs that indicate the need for root canal Brooklyn treatment.

A Cracked/ Chipped Tooth

A person’s teeth may crack or chip due to various reasons. They include getting involved in an accident, as well as contact sports, or a dental procedure that may have gone south.

When someone’s teeth get chipped, they expose the underlying nerves. This can cause infection. The risk of the infection is such that it can get into the bloodstream and move to other parts of the body. Such infections need to be removed using root canal, which also stops them from spreading through the whole body.

Tooth Sensitivity

If a person keeps feeling pain while eating or drinking either cold or hot liquids, they may be perfect candidates for the root canal process.

Normally, there is an intense pain when the person eats any of these foods. Cold foods may also trigger the same feeling. This sensitivity arises from the destroyed blood vessels, plus nerves which have been exposed to a sudden temperature change.  

A visit to the dentist will help establish whether root canal needs to be carried out to eliminate this sensitivity.  

Swollen Gums

Swelling of gums signals that there is an infection underneath. Remember that anything that happens beneath the teeth always becomes evident on the surface. Gums that are swollen or painful may either be inflamed, or they may occur because of tooth decay.

Usually, the dentist prescribes the best type of antibiotics to get rid of the inflammation. However, if the condition becomes severe or does not resolve after treatment with known antibiotics, the specialist may decide to perform root canal to solve the issue.


Exposure to wine, some foods, or poor hygiene may be the main cause of tooth discoloration. Continuous exposure to caffeine or tobacco can cause your teeth to develop a dark discoloration.

At times, discoloration might occur because of the damage of a nerve located under the enamel. If this is the case, the dental specialist will recommend the use of root canal to handle the root cause of the damage.

Pain on Pressure

If you experience lots of pain each time you exert some pressure on any of your teeth, for instance, when chewing, you need to meet up with a dentist to establish whether you need a root canal. However, the procedure will only be carried out if the sensitivity has been ongoing for several days or weeks without stopping. Remember that continuous tooth sensitivity arises from nerves or blood vessels that have been damaged and cannot get healed on its own.

The dental specialist will take time to review the problem and come up with a remedy, usually a root canal procedure.

Extensive Tooth Decay

Shallow tooth decay can be handled using a toothbrush and good toothpaste. However, when the decay is deep, there is no amount of cleaning that can resolve the problem.

When tooth decay is left for too long, it develops into a dental cavity. Moreover, if the cavity does not get treated, it extends into the root, exposing the roots and nerves. When it reaches this point, there is no other option but to make use of root canal to treat the tooth before placing a crown on it.

This explains why it is vital to stick to a routine when it comes to dental hygiene. When you neglect your gums and teeth, the infection might spread and become a serious complication that is difficult to treat.  

No need to Panic

In case you have a serious dental problem that can only be resolved through root canal Brooklyn treatment, no need to worry, this procedure needs an experienced specialist, and you have one at hand.

You tend to experience more pain trying to stay with sensitive teeth than getting a root canal treatment.

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