Almost 7 out of 10 kids have a sort of dental difficulty necessitates orthodontic care.

Dental braces have been around for a long time. Traditionally, they consisted of metal wires used to push the teeth together. With advances in technology, we now have clear braces that are removable, making cleaning easy.

You might not be keen enough to understand what is happening with your kid’s teeth, this is why we have to look at common signs that make your kid the perfect candidate for braces. You might notice that the kid has an issue, but you aren’t sure whether to take a step.

Here are a few signs.

Overlapping Teeth

If the lower teeth of your child are invisible when he bites down, then it he has overbite. 

An overbite wears down the kid’s lower teeth faster than they need to wear out, which causes problems with his teeth. You don’t want the teeth to wear down faster than they need to?

Teeth Protrusion

When the kid’s top teeth stick out over the bottom ones significantly, the condition is called an overjet. Protrusion of the upper teeth puts them at high risk of trauma, usually from the playground or through a fall.

This condition can be easily corrected by a dentist that understands what the problem entails and has the right tools. If the case is serious, the dentist can recommend surgery or extraction to correct the bite.


When your kid suffers from an underbite that is less severe, ensure the kid is at least seven years before you go for braces. Permanent teeth erupt at 7 years in kids.

Open Bite

This condition arises when the lower and upper teeth don’t touch at all. When a kid suffers from this condition, he won’t be able to chew food the right way, which affects their digestion.

One cause of this condition is protracted thumb sucking, while another one is genetics. Some kids also develop the condition because they have both permanent and baby teeth, meaning these two teeth won’t match up until all the baby teeth disappear.

Another reason is tongue thrusting, whereby the kid creates a habit of pushing his tongue through his teeth when speaking. Another cause is chewing on hard objects for long.

When a kid suffers from this condition, his upper and the lower front teeth leave a gap when he closes his mouth. This affects their smile and pronunciation of words.

Teeth Don’t Meet on Either Side.

If the bottom and top teeth don’t meet at all on all sides, the condition is called cross bite. This condition causes uneven wear and tear of the teeth. The dentist uses braces to handle the condition.

Crooked Teeth

Your kids’ teeth can become crooked due to some reasons – when permanent teeth develop around the baby teeth that are still growing or if the baby’s jaw of isn’t huge enough to contain all the teeth.

In spite of the cause, crowded teeth make it hard for the kids to maintain proper hygiene, making them self aware. Braces nudge the crooked teeth into place. Visit a dentist office in Brooklyn to start the process of aligning crooked teeth.

Gapped Teeth

When your kid has teeth that are gapped, take your kid to the dentist to use braces to push them back together.

Baby Teeth Getting Lost Too Early or Late

When the baby loses his temporary teeth too early or too late, the kid will need braces. If it happens too early, then the remaining teeth shift to fill up the empty spaces.

Losing teeth later on will cause problems with alignment.

Mouth Breathing

If you realize that your child breathes from the mouth, know that it changes the shape of the face. The cause of this condition is when the tongue won’t rest against the upper roof of the mouth as expected. This will cause the child to develop a narrow jaw that won’t hold all the teeth.


When your child has a problem with their teeth, chances are that the issue might affect their future dental health. What you need to do in this case is to visit a dentist office in Brooklyn to have the problem assessed and corrective measures done. The earlier you do this, the higher the chances of the problem not getting worse. Call us today to get information on the problem the kid is suffering from and get a lasting solution.