List of Dentist in Brooklyn: What to Know About Invisalign

List of Dentist in Brooklyn: What to Know About Invisalign

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Restoration of wrongly aligned teeth is now possible without using braces. Invisalign dental treatment refers to a series of aligners used to correct teeth problems only. Unlike other straightening methods, the aligners are barely visible. The procedure is less painful, and this explains why millions of individuals have embraced it around the globe.

Invisalign makes use of 3-D technology to assess and align the teeth back to their rightful position. Aligners are installed around the affected teeth. The patient gets instructed on how to change them every two weeks.

Invisalign treatment is an excellent alternative for people who are tired of wearing metal braces, which always affect a person’s appearance.The treatment comes with several benefits. This explains why every practitioner on the top list of dentist in Brooklyn opts to use Invisalign.

Let us look at ten things you should know about this relatively new dental treatment procedure.

The Process

Treatment begins when a person makes a trip to a dentist or orthodontist, who checks their teeth and develops some molds to use in developing permanent aligners. This process takes approximately 10 minutes.

During the next appointment, you are shown a video map highlighting the treatment journey and the end product. Once you approve the video, you will wait for another three weeks or less to receive the aligners. The dentist or orthodontist teaches you how to fix and remove the aligners at home.

Duration of the process

The average time required to complete this treatment is one year, although it can be shorter depending on how complex the patient’s case has become. This period is shorter than the time taken to heal using metal braces. Patients are always allowed to decide the time they want to have the aligners on. Those who use the aligners consistently get results faster than those who keep removing them.

Cost of the treatment

Treatment costs vary from one dental facility to the next. The price is determined based on the number of aligners to be used, and how long a patient needs to wear them. Normally, this runs to a few thousand dollars.

Professional dentists will charge more for the procedure, which may last a shorter period. Some dental facilities will request for less pay, but the process might take longer, translating into more costs. Orthodontists may also charge you more than an ordinary dentist because they are more specialized in the treatment.

Unique advantages of Invisalign

Invisalign aligners are made of transparent material. They are completely invisible and may go unnoticed.

The aligners are also easy to remove, enabling patients to eat, brush, or floss easily. For better results, patients must put on the aligners at least 20 hours a day.

How to handle aligners

After starting treatment, you must ensure that you remove the aligners each time you have a meal. You can drink water with them. However, you must ensure that you do not take hot beverages with the aligners on. Doing this can cause them to melt since they are made of plastic.

You are only allowed to stay without them for four hours per day. This time can be shorter or longer, depending on how well guidelines are followed.

It is Painless

The process of restoring destroyed teeth using Invisalign is quite painless. You may, however, experience some slight discomfort during the first few days. This discomfort is supposed to fade away with time. If it does not, feel free to consult your dentist.

Effects on Speech

Just like braces, the aligners may create a lisp in speech for a few days. Over time, the tongue gets used to the new addition in the mouth, and the lisp fades away.

Caring for Aligners

Invisalign fixes need proper care. Besides brushing your teeth after each meal, you also need to clean the aligners. You may notice some odor once you remove them. This is a normal occurrence. You must to constantly wash the trays to eliminate this odor.

Diet after Treatment

Some teeth straightening options come with limitations in terms of the patient’s diet. This is especially common with metallic treatments. Invisalign does not restrict you to any food. Since they are removable, you may eat anything unless advised by the dentist.

You should remove the aligners before each meal and reinstall them once you brush your teeth after the meal. The dentist may discourage you from smoking since it can discolor the aligners.

Dental Visits While Using Aligners

During the treatment period, you should see your specialist at least once in a month, or as instructed at the onset of treatment. During the visit, the dentist checks your teeth to ascertain whether the treatment process works as required. Before you make any step, make sure you are working with a practitioner on the list of dentist in Brooklyn.

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