Our teeth can sometimes get discoloured over time, especially when we eat some types of food for some time. It is not easy to notice this, but with time one can easily tell their teeth are not as white as they should be.

There are some foods, like coffee, which when used over time, discolour teeth. It is worse when one doesn’t have an oral hygiene routine that they follow. After some time, you will find such people looking for alternative teeth whitening options.

Home Whitening Remedies to Try

There are several ways that one can whiten their teeth at home, if they don’t want to spend a fortune having the procedure done by a dentist.

Using Baking Soda

It is known that baking soda helps to whiten teeth, as it is also known to be found in some types of toothpaste. One mixes it with a small amount of water then you can brush with it a few times a week, for white clean teeth.

There are precautions to take though. You need to know of the side effects that come with frequent use of baking soda on teeth. Because it is of an abrasive nature, it can erode the enamel, which then leads to sensitive teeth. You need to ensure that you use fluoride toothpaste to help strengthen your teeth.   

Using Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is also known to help clean teeth and improve on their general appearance. It is mostly made from natural substances that are burned with wood.  

The charcoal does not bleach teeth, but helps remove some stains from the surface. One can buy this over the counter, when you mix with water and brush as you would do with toothpaste.

Proper Diet

The right diet goes a long way in ensuring that one has white teeth. Fruits and vegetables are a guarantee for great oral health. With a good diet you get the right nutrients that also translate to strong teeth. They also help with any discoloration.

Some things that one needs to avoid are carbonated drinks, having a lot of coffee and cigarette smoking. One can have them in small quantities and combine with good oral hygiene in order to maintain healthy white teeth.

Consistent Brushing

This is the most common home remedy. Sometimes the discoloration on the teeth is mere stains, so frequent brushing helps clear this. Make a habit of brushing in the morning and evening, so you can get rid of any stains on a daily basis which helps maintain white teeth.

This is recommended especially when one takes a lot of coffee or carbonated drinks.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Apart from the home remedies, there are some stains that are severe and cannot be cleared by the home remedies mentioned above. This means one will have to seek advanced dentistry in New York to get their teeth whitened:

First you have to see a dentist who will assess your situation and recommend the right treatment:


Having white teeth gives most people confidence and improves their self-esteem. Always know what a whitening procedure involves before getting into it. Some are known to weaken teeth and increase on their sensitivity, which would be another problem all together. Consult advanced dentistry in New York before making any final decision.