Dentist Reviews Brooklyn NY: The Benefits of Using Dental Sealants

Dentist Reviews Brooklyn NY: The Benefits of Using Dental Sealants

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Also known as fissure sealants, these are plastic coatings used on the back of your teeth in liquid form. It aims to seal off any grooves or fissures that are sources of decay.

Grooves and fissures are difficult to clean out using a toothbrush, because the bristles are too thick to reach into these small spaces. Sealant covers the grooves and protects them from being infected. During process, the protective liquid seeps right through the spaces and then dries, resulting in a protective layer.

This prevents food particles from sticking into the spaces, stopping the buildup of microorganisms that cause dental decay. The hard surface that results is easy to brush over.

Using sealants is considered a preventive step because it helps you avoid any damage later on.

Who Needs Dental Sealants?

The younger generation – teens and kids – forms the perfect groups to use sealants because they are at high risk of getting dental decay. However, the timing should be perfect for this treatment to work. For small kids, application of the sealant should be right at the moment the permanent teeth erupt. This will protect them throughout the years when cavities are common.

You need sealants if you show early signs of caries, you have thin enamel, cracks on your molars, and you suffer from plaque buildup.

The Process

The sealant process lasts a few minutes. It is uncomplicated and minimally invasive. Before treatment, the dentist cleans and dries your teeth thoroughly. The practitioner then uses an acidic agent to create a coarse surface for the liquid to stick to the tooth better.

He then rinses and lets the surfaces to dry before application. He then uses a special light to make the sealant hard. The benefits you get depend on the process. Use dentist reviews Brooklyn to get a good practitioner for the process.

How Long can it Last?

The sealant wears down with time, but this depends on the material used to make the sealant. However, expect it maintain its integrity for between 5 and ten years. Nevertheless, it needs to be regularly evaluated to detect chipping and wear. If there is chipping, the dentist adds some more material to ensure integrity of the layer.

The Benefits

So, why go for dental sealants?

It Is Cost-Effective

When you opt for dental sealants, you reduce costs of treatment. Remember that treating a cavity is not easy, especially when you are paying from your savings. It is, therefore, cheaper to use sealants than to pay for other methods that help treat the cavities. So, paying for sealant treatment costs less than going for cavity treatment later on.

Saves Time

If you have ever had cavity treatment, then you know that it needs you to change your schedule a little bit. The process is not easy and takes time. Worse still, you end up feeling out of sorts for a better part of the day. Dental sealants are the perfect way to reduce the development of cavities.

It Offers Protection

Using dental sealants stops the development of cavities through the creation of a smooth surface across the fissures on your teeth. This reduces the likelihood of cavities developing in your teeth.

Sealants work around the clock to uphold the integrity of your teeth. By sealing the fissures, it helps prevent the development of more severe issues.

Added Support for Oral Hygiene

Even with a proper dental hygiene routine, you can’t access all the crevices and cracks in the back part of your teeth. The merits of using this treatment process are that they keep out any food debris from these spaces.

It Is Long-Lasting

Dental sealants guard your teeth for between 5 and 10 years. The only thing is ensure you see your dentist regularly to assess the condition of the treatment. You can do this every six months when you go for your routine dental checkup.

Final Thoughts

Dental sealants have been around for a long time, and their efficacy has been proven. Your dentist should be aware of this procedure and make sure you enjoy all the benefits that come with it. Getting the right dentist might not be so easy, reason why you need to consider the various dentist reviews Brooklyn has left behind before you choose the dentist.

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