What Is Preventative Dentistry?

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Preventive dentistry is the general thorough care that we give our teeth and gums to achieve healthy oral hygiene. It varies from the normal daily brushing of teeth, flossing, and routine dental check-ups.

These routines help protect an individual from some common gum diseases, cavities, tooth sensitivity, and tooth-rotting. The majority of these are home remedies, which should not be hard to make a habit.

On the other hand, routine check-ups help to prevent or catch any oral infections and prevent them from getting worse. This is why dental visits should also be made a habit for both children and adults.

Preventive Dentistry Practices

Daily brushing of teeth

This is the simplest and most effective way to practice preventive dentistry. One can use fluoride toothpaste, which is good as it helps to prevent tooth decay. A small amount of such toothpaste will go a long way. While at it, remember to clean the tongue too, as it can have bacteria that might end up causing infections.

Make flossing a habit

Many doctors recommend flossing at least once a day, so if you can make it a lifestyle that will save you from a lot of problems. Flossing helps to keep teeth clean by removing any food particles that might be lodged in between your teeth that a toothbrush could not reach. If not removed, these food particles will cause tooth decay over time. 

Healthy balanced diet

Eating healthy goes a long way in boosting your general health. This does not just affect your general health but also improves your oral health. Food that one eats will either provide the nutrients they need or toxins. Too much sugar, alcohol, and tobacco are the things that affect our oral health. One needs to maintain a healthy diet, eat fruits and vegetables, and drink a lot of water to get the right nutrients.

One also needs to limit acidic foods. Acidic foods and drinks are known to slowly erode the enamel, which leaves the teeth very sensitive. In case one eats such, drink a lot of water to rinse the mouth of the acidity. This helps keep the mouth clean.

Go for dental check-ups

Frequent dental check-ups at our dental offices in Brooklyn NY is a sure way of preventing any dental problems. Sometimes you might observe strict oral health measures, but then something happens and that you won’t be aware of until you visit a dentist. One has to make this a habit so that the dentist can catch any infections before they get worse. This can be done once or twice a year at our dental offices in Brooklyn NY, to be aware of any precautions that one needs to take. 

Benefits of preventive dentistry

  • It helps prevent some common infections like tooth cavities, sensitivity, rotting, and even gingivitis. There are chances that one can still develop some of these problems, but the chances are highly reduced with preventive dentistry.
  • It helps reduce the chances of having dental problems, which might lead to even more serious problems. Some gum diseases are known to lead to oral cancers and even diabetes.
  • Having a healthy oral hygiene boosts an individual’s self-confidence. A smelly mouth would be a turn-off, but with fresh breath, one is bound to smile a lot more.
  • It promotes positive behavioral change, especially when it is nurtured in children. Children can make a habit of oral hygiene, which is something they grow up with and hence end up leading a fulfilling, healthy life. 
  • Preventive dentistry helps manage any anticipated serious conditions that are detected in advance with a routine check-up. Some oral infections show a sign of a more serious problem with the body, which, when caught early, can be very helpful. A doctor helps to ensure the problem does not become worse.
  • It helps one save money by avoiding many dental visits. When one takes good care of their oral hygiene, the chances of them having teeth problems are quite low. This means that they save a lot of money as compared to when they would have to see a doctor over some recurring problems.


Preventive dentistry should be embraced by both children and adults, but it is the role of adults to get children to embrace it. Oral health is an important aspect of an individual’s life and quite affordable as most of these practices can be done at home, otherwise you need to visit our dental offices in Brooklyn NY. This makes a very big difference to an individual’s general lifestyle, as they can save on both time and money.

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