Importance of dental care to the whole body

Importance of dental care to the whole body

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Dental care is very important, not just for the mouth but the whole body too. It should be everyone’s priority to take care of their dental health, as it transcends down to having a healthy body, mind and soul. Most people do not understand that there is a connection between these two, and that oral care ends in mouth.

It doesn’t. Oral hygiene does a lot more for an individual like any other body hygiene. Once you understand this, one commits more to taking care of their dental health. This does not only involve major procedures, but also simple things as brushing teeth, or general check-ups just to make sure all is well.

Importance of dental care

It boosts one’s confidence

Good dental hygiene is bound to make one feel clean, happier and more confident in themselves. We spend most of our time talking to people, and a smelly mouth is not one of the things you want to experience when around friends. It is an immediate turn off, so it will not be a surprise if people try to avoid your company.

A clean mouth and teeth automatically boosts one’s confidence to be around people.

Preventing dental problems

Dental care helps one to prevent a lot of dental problems. This ranges from tooth cavities, tooth decay and even bad mouth odour. Something as simple as brushing one’s teeth daily helps to keep such problems away, meaning no doctor visits.

One can also have annual check-ups with a dentist just to ensure that their teeth are fine, and to be able to pick any problems before they get worse.

Oral health helps one to avoid heart diseases

Some research has proven a correlation between some gum diseases and the condition of the heart. Infections starting from the mouth can spread to some blood vessels causing inflammation. This means there will not be free blood flow and one is at risk of getting a heart attack. An individual is able to avoid this by taking good care of their oral health.  

Helps prevent general complications

Some general body complications are said to originate from the mouth. Most people are not aware of this. It has been said that asthma, arthritis and even premature births are associated with bad oral health care. It is easy to avoid all these complications if you take good care of your teeth, as small infections can end up leading to something serious.

Strong teeth

We eat every day and are constantly chewing on something. This is only comfortable and possible if one takes good care of their dental health. Always brush them and have constant check-ups. This guarantees you strong healthy teeth.

Simple dental care tips

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day, with a fluoride toothpaste. In the morning when you wake and at night before bed. This prevents infections and some common gum diseases.
  • Make a habit of flossing every day. Dental flossing removes food particles from in between one’s teeth, which at times can’t be achieved by a tooth brush. This helps prevent tooth cavities.  
  • Do regular dental check-ups at a convenient dental office. These check-ups will help you identify any oral infections right on time and get a treatment for them. Some dental infections don’t display any symptoms, like pain or swelling. You could be having a rotten tooth but feel nothing, until when you go for a general check-up.
  • A healthy diet contributes a lot to oral hygiene. The food we eat makes a very big difference to the general dental state. A lot of sugary food is bound to make one’s teeth decay if not well taken care of. Also, one should cut down their intake of acidic drinks and fruits, as they erode one’s teeth to make them sensitive.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle: One other way is to life healthy, cut down your alcohol intake and smoking. Smoking causes teeth to change colour over time, because of tobacco.
  • Drink a lot of water. This is beneficial not only to your general body system, but also to your oral health. Make it a habit to drink water after meals, to help wash down any food particles that might be stuck in between the teeth. Also, drinking water after having anything acidic (drink, fruits) rinses the acidity from the mouth.

The mouth is like a gateway to the whole body, and it should be given first priority on matters hygiene and wellness.

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