Tooth decay is a situation where one’s teeth soften or become weak when the enamel is damaged due to acidity. This can be from food or drinks, which tends to cause cavities over time. If one does not take care of their teeth, the acid eats into the outer surface of the teeth which is the enamel.

Sometimes one is able to know when their teeth start decaying, though is most cases it does not come with any symptoms.

Signs Of Tooth Decay

There are situations when the decay becomes extreme and an individual starts having some specific symptoms:

Talk to an emergency dentist Brooklyn NY whenever you have these symptoms.

Risks That Trigger Tooth Decay

In most cases, we have our teeth decaying because of some common factors. When one knows the risks that they are exposed to, they can take the necessary preventive measures. Things that increase one’s risk of tooth decay include:

Preventing Tooth Decay

Like any other dental problem, tooth decaying can be avoided in several ways:

In Closing

Tooth decay can lead to emergencies such as dental fractures. Consult an emergency dentist Brooklyn NY to schedule an appointment immediately.