Dentists in Brooklyn: Benefits of Dental Imaging

Dentists in Brooklyn: Benefits of Dental Imaging

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One of the critical parts of dental implant treatment is obtaining dental images during diagnosis. This is usually done during the initial stages of diagnosis, and it helps the dentist understand the underlying problem better and find the best way to go about it.

Today we look at the advantages of scans even for a routine dental check.

More Accurate Images

With the advancement in technology, the dentist now can access 3D images from a CT scan. These images are more accurate than those from x-ray machines that are slowly going out of the picture.

The 3D scans give the dentist a better evaluation of the patient’s problem, making it easier for the dentist to come up with a treatment plan based on facts rather than guesswork.

Once the dentist gets the images, they use a computer program to interpret the images precisely for treatment planning.

It Is More Convenient

Getting the images of the jawbone, tooth structure, oral cavity, and other components of the mouth doesn’t expose the patient to any discomfort. It is also convenient because the procedure only takes a few minutes, and the results are in.

The procedure is not invasive, which means it is painless and easy to handle.

Promotes Better Communication with the Patient

Some patients need way more than words to get convinced of the severity of the condition. This is where the images come in. A dentist’s visual representation will convince the patient that the condition is serious and needs immediate attention.

The images also tell the patient what the treatment will be like. The patient will be able to talk to the dentists in Brooklyn knowing what to expect from the treatment and to ease any concerns about the upcoming procedure.

Easily Customizable to the Needs of the Patient

As technology advances, it is now possible to focus the scan on a smaller part of the face. This means that a scan can be used for individual parts of the oral cavity or the whole part. This lets the dentist get better insight into your oral health without the need for multiple scans.

Faster Scanning Time

Remember those days when you had to get scanned for hours on end only for a few copies to be usable? Well, this has changed, and now you don’t have to sit waiting for long. The average scan can take a few seconds, and the results are out in a few minutes. For busy people, this reduces the time that they stay in the facility.

The latest scanners don’t require you to lie down in a full-body CT scanner; instead, you can sit up. This makes it easier for people with mobility issues to get scanned.

High-definition Images

The latest imaging technology captures better images compared to traditional scanners. The imaging techniques used comes with filters and algorithms that can be applied to the process. This means that the dentist will use these tools to mitigate any problems that come through the final scan. This leads to a better image and results as well.

It doesn’t Hide Anything

Well, for proper diagnosis, the dentist needs to look at everything in the mouth. The latest scans capture everything in the mouth via the use of different angles and views. The dentist has a better view and idea of what is going on in the patient’s mouth. 

The scan will provide more details regarding the mouth. It can capture details about teeth, soft tissue, and bones in a single scan. The dentist will have a complete image to work with.

Controlled Radiation

The biggest danger of dental scans is radiation. When done poorly, the radiation can lead to cancerous growth. This is why many people think that the procedure is risky. The good thing is that the dentist can now control the radiation level, which reduces the chances of getting cancer to a bare minimum.

We have the Best Technology for You

Being rated among the best dentists in Brooklyn is no mean feat. We have invested in a wide range of advanced technology to make sure you only get the best treatment and diagnosis. Whether you require routine checkup or you want to diagnostic imagery, we have what you need and a team to back it up. All you need is to give us a call and schedule an appointment with our able team.

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