Cycle Of Tooth Cavity

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If your child always seems to need a filling, in spite of ensuring they regularly clean their teeth, then we may be able to help you improve their dental care and to break that cycle of tooth cavity. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria interacting with the sugars and carbohydrates found in foods. As the bacteria interact with these sugars, they produce acid that is in continual contact with tooth enamel which has the result of slowly demineralizing them. During demineralization, some minerals including calcium and phosphate are removed from the teeth, softening the enamel tooth surface and increasing the risk of cavities forming.

Interrupting the Cycle of Tooth Cavity in Children

There are various ways to interrupt this process, preventing the formation of tooth cavity and this is where Dr. Natalia Blazhkevich and our best pediatric dentists in Brooklyn, New York  can help you and your child. With good preventative dentistry, we aim to ensure your child’s risk of tooth decay is greatly decreased as we want them to have healthy primary teeth and eventually healthy adult teeth that they will hopefully enjoy for life.

Tooth Cavity in Brooklyn 11229

Ways We Can Help Fight Tooth Decay

When you visit our dental office then we can help break the cycle of tooth decay in children in a number of different ways. For a start our pediatric dentists will assess your child’s risk of developing tooth decay as some children are more prone than others towards developing cavities. Using this information we can then suggest a number of different solutions and will probably take a multifaceted approach towards improving their dental health. One way we can do this is to look at their diet.

Analyzing a Child’s Diet, Brooklyn NY

Sometimes it is possible for a seemingly healthy diet to have a detrimental effect on a child’s dental health. A good example would be a diet that includes lots of fresh fruit juice, particularly if a child is allowed to sip this juice over the course of the day and even something as innocent as dried fruit can increase the risk of tooth decay in children. This is because these products are laden with sugar, even though they may contain lots of nutrients. Dried fruit is particularly bad as the sugar is quite concentrated and the fruit itself is rather sticky and can get stuck in between teeth for hours after eating.

Personalized Tuition on Tooth Cleaning


Another area that can be useful to look at is your technique or your child’s technique for cleaning their teeth. We can assess this and can point out any areas you may be missing and will generally provide detailed information on how to improve brushing and flossing to fight tooth decay in children. If you or your child finds this task difficult then we can show you ways to make it easier, perhaps by using different tools or by trying a different tactic.

Preventative Dental Care Treatments for Tooth Decay

There are also a number of preventative dental care treatments that can help, including fluoride treatments and the use of dental sealants. Regular fluoride treatments can be helpful in hardening tooth enamel and we recommend dental sealants for children who have just got their adult back teeth. Sometimes we may even suggest using dental sealants to protect a child’s milk teeth, particularly when they are vulnerable to developing cavities.
Tooth decay in children is a common issue but it doesn’t have to be your child’s problem. Just ask us for practical help and advice.

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