Top Reasons to Have Regular Dental Checkups in Brooklyn Dental Offices

Top Reasons to Have Regular Dental Checkups in Brooklyn Dental Offices

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Medical checkups are a normal routine for many people, but when you ask them when they last visited their dentist, you get a blank stare. The reason being many people can go for several years without talking to their dentist. Why worry when the teeth are fine?

Well, you need to worry. Even when you aren’t experiencing any pain, you need to be worried.

Let us see why.

Oral Cancer Screening

As days go by, the risk of oral cancer also increases. This form of cancer manifests itself in various ways. If not detected early enough, this cancer can spread fast and become fatal. The good thing is that when detected early, the cancer is treatable.

Oral cancer manifests in people in the later stages, making it hard to detect.

Your dentist can detect cancer at its early stage. This is why regular checkups every six months at recommended Brooklyn dental offices is a good practice. The chance of catching this cancer before it becomes malignant is higher.

While you might not be able to recognize any abnormalities, your dentist is better suited to do this.

The dentist uses a non-invasive method, totally pain-free, to screen this cancer. The examination will take at most two minutes, and will catch signs of dead tissue.

Buildup of Plaque

We have seen adverts that tell us how regular brushing will eliminate plaque – this is true to an extent. However, there are a few small areas in your mouth that regular flossing and brushing will miss.

A buildup of plaque is usually gradual, and within a short time, it reaches a level where eliminating it is a huge problem. When plaque builds up, it solidifies and becomes tartar, which requires expert help to remove.

Cavities arise from tartar that has eroded the teeth, creating holes in them. The formation of a cavity is painless; you will only feel an ache when the tooth is decayed. When the damage reaches this stage, you have to go to the dentist to fix the damage.

A dentist’s visit will help identify the formation of plaque early enough, and the dentist will make sure he handles the issue before it becomes a huge problem. During the visit, the dentist will perform a thorough cleaning and remove any plaque that has built up over time.

Additionally, a cleaning appointment is usually way cheaper than a filling, so make sure you don’t miss any appointment.

Detecting Gum Disease

After plaque and tartar buildup, you will have to deal with tooth decay, but your gums will erode as well. As tartar builds up, the risk of infection also increases. With increased infection, the gums pull away from the teeth. As it progresses, the tissue that attaches the teeth to your gums breaks down, leading to gingivitis.

Once it reaches this point, it is categorized as a gum disease. You will experience pain, loosening of the teeth, and even your teeth falling out. At this point, the only resolution you have is to work with a specialist dentist.

Handling Bad Habits

Many bad habits affect your dental health. While you might know a few, there are more that you might not be aware of. Some of the bad issues include biting your nails, chewing ice, and grinding your teeth. You won’t even realize it, but brushing your teeth so hard might cause you issues.

Going for regular dental checkups will create a chance for the dentist to examine for any oral damage caused by other habits that you might not know. Getting information on these habits allows you to change your lifestyle to prevent further damage to the teeth. The dentist also fixes the damage that has already happened.

Find Hidden Problems

Did you know that some dental problems exist deep in your jaws and are not easily detected? Many of these problems require imaging techniques for detection. Some of these problems include impacted teeth.

Any damage to your jawbone can also be identified and pinpointed. Tumors can also be detected before they become malignant. Detecting these issues early enough is crucial to provide early treatment.

This is especially true with destructive conditions that show no symptoms but come up so easily. The best way to keep on top of your health is to use imaging.

In Closing

Brooklyn dental offices give you all you need to have successful dental checkups for you and your family.

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