Too High Filling: Why It Is Important to Correct

Too High Filling

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Too High Filling

Most people have at least one filling in their mouth and if you do, then you likely remember when getting that filling your dentist telling you to bite down after the tooth was filled. When you bit down, you were biting down on a special paper that marked the tooth to tell the dentist if there was a high filling. If the filling was considered too high, the dentist would manipulate the filling to ensure it was even with your other teeth to prevent any bite issues.

Periodontal Disease

Eco Dental NY

We Provide Dental Filling Adjustments

While the idea is to make sure the filling is even and your bite feels normal, this can be hard to do because you are generally still numb, so you cannot properly feel your bite. Often, you say it feels normal when in all actuality, it does not. So, you are now biting down and can feel that the filling is uneven. Is it worth having a dental filling adjustment done?

If you have noticed your filling is not even or level with your other teeth, reach out to Eco Dental NY today. Our dentists can provide you with the proper dental filling adjustments to ensure your uneven bite is corrected. If you do not fix an uneven bite, you may experience pain. The reason for the pain is because of a change in pressure in the bony sockets (Read more: Dental Alveolus) and periodontal ligaments.

High Fillings CAN Cause Problems for You

If you have a dental filling that is too high, when you bite down, you use more pressure than needed and this can cause those ligaments we talked about above to become inflamed and angry. In addition, you may be putting too much pressure on another tooth and that tooth may crack, which would require a dental crown. If your bite alignment is off, you may be causing too much stress on your jaw joints – now is the time to seek out care.

Fixing a High Filling in Your Mouth

One of the nice things about fixing a filling that is too high is that it only takes a couple minutes to do. Here at Eco Dental NY, we will fix any filling that is too high because we know the damage it can cause. For this procedure, you do not need any anesthetic, which is ideal, so that you can tell if the filling feels correct in your mouth. Once the adjustments have been made, you should be able to bite down more comfortably.

If the ligaments have become tender or inflamed, this can take up to two weeks to go away, so do not panic. If you continue to feel pain after two weeks, you need to make an appointment with us. Dental pain always has a reason and we want to uncover it and help you feel comfortable and pain free again.

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