Quality Dental Care Brooklyn Guide: The Need for Fixed Dental Bridges

Quality Dental Care Brooklyn Guide: The Need for Fixed Dental Bridges

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A fixed bridge refers to a prosthetic kind of tooth. A dental specialist uses the teeth that are adjacent to the missing tooth to hold the bridge in position. This process normally requires more than a single appointment at the dental office.

In the initial visit, a dentist prepares the teeth adjacent to the gap to hold the bridge in place. The bridge is often attached to these teeth. The next step is for the dentist to create an image of these teeth, as well as the space between them. This image is then used in the dental lab to come up with the bridge.  

As you wait for the lab to get done with creating the bridge, the dentist will fix a temporary one on the gap to protect the teeth that have already been prepared for the installation of the bridge. Once the permanent bridge is ready, the dentist replaces the temporary one. This procedure is often permanent and can only be performed with the assistance of a dentist.

The quality dental care Brooklyn expert can use implants to support the bridge if the adjacent teeth aren’t ideal for the bridge. The implants will be affixed into the bone and then the bridge attached to the implants.

What Does a Dental Bridge Consist of?

Dental bridges are made out of ceramics, metal, or both. The dentist will guide you on these materials and their advantages so that you can choose the best for your case.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Fitting dental bridges would be useless if they didn’t have a few benefits attached to them. Let us look at the various benefits that come with this restorative dentistry:

Dental Bridges are Durable

A fixed dental bridge is long-lasting. When a bridge consists of only a single tooth, it is usually very durable. The durability reduces when the bridge is made of several teeth. This means that the teeth of the user won’t be affected by cavities and function properly like your natural teeth.

They Come Reinforced

The procedure of using fixed dental bridges means that they are supported by adjacent teeth. People that use temporary bridges usually have a hard time because the teeth are usually displaced even when chewing.

The fixed dental bridges are usually reinforced using specially crafted metal, meaning the bridges cannot move or fall off when chewing something hard.

They Are More Superior

When you decide to use dental bridges, you have the option to choose among four types of bridges. The dentist will tell you about all the options and allow you to choose the best. However, the advantages of all the different bridges differ. Experts agree on one thing, though – fixed dental bridges are the best among all the other types.

They are also reliable and effective.

A Solution for a Disfigured Face

People that have lost a few teeth usually end up with a disfigured face. Cheeks become sunken and on the side with more teeth lost.  The perfect facial structure is restored only when the dental bridge is fitted. The restructuring is also a deal because it restores the beauty of the person and builds on self-esteem.

Helps Prevent Oral Diseases

When you lose a tooth, you increase the risk of oral diseases due to infection in the mouth. The loss of the tooth will affect the jaw bone and increases the possibility of tooth decay. Due to the missing teeth, adjacent teeth also become loose or weak and might even fall out. Using dental bridges prevents infection and makes sure you have perfect dental health.

Recommended by Experts

You are using a procedure that has been recommended by dental experts across the world when you decide to use fixed dental bridges. Dental experts know what is good and what is bad, and will recommend reliable procedures due to various factors. The dental profession believes that fixed dental bridges are the best solution to replace missing teeth.

In Closing

When it comes to making your teeth functional and durable, you need to work with a quality dental care Brooklyn expert that understands your needs and uses the right tools to make things work for you. With so many dentists around, take great care to choose the best that suits your specific problem. The success of the dental bridge depends on this vital step.

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