Dental Phobia: a Word from Expert Dentists in Brooklyn NY

Dental Phobia: a Word from Expert Dentists in Brooklyn NY

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Dental phobia means an intense fear of visiting a dental specialist for a dental check-up or even a procedure. It does sound simple, but there are some cases where an individual has extreme fear and would need a lot of convincing to get their teeth checked.

This can be as a result of different things, but mostly:

  • Anxiety: Some people get anxious about the procedure they are supposed to undergo. They can overthink how bad it will turn out or fear that it might make things worse.
  • Fear of pain: Other people also have an intense fear of pain. This may make one not to get a check-up or agree to a certain procedure because they think it would be excruciating, even when it is not.
  • Previous experiences: With previous bad experience, one is justified to feel afraid about any subsequent procedures. They are bound to feel like all dental procedures would be painful.
  • Negative testimonials: If you listen to people’s harrowing stories, you are bound to think you will have the same experience. This brings about fear even when things are not as bad as they seem.
  • First-timers: Someone who is going through a dental procedure for the first time might feel a bit anxious as they would not know what to expect. This is made worse if they heard any negative testimonies from other people about the procedure.

How to Handle Dental Phobia

Even with severe fear and anxiety, one can reduce the effects and go through a great dental experience. Below are some of the options one can explore:

Some Dental Clinics Have Relaxing Music

Most dentists in Brooklyn NY have clinics with background music, which can be quite relaxing and soothing. While you wait for the procedure, you can relax as you enjoy the music. This will help you calm down for the procedure. If the clinic does not have music, you can always bring yours along. Just let the doctor be aware about this well in advance.

Listen To a Podcast

You can choose to listen to your favorite podcast so that it takes your mind off things for a bit. It will help you relax, and in most cases, one can keep it on during the procedure. Most dentists would allow this, but in case they do not, feel free to let them know your feelings about the procedure so they can make an exception.

Share Your Feelings with the Dentist to Build Trust

It would be beneficial to mention to your doctor how you feel about the whole procedure. Let them know that you might be more scared than usual. A good dentist will know how to calm your nerves and make you feel comfortable with the procedure. They will also make sure you trust them with the job before doing it.

Know the Process

Knowing the exact details of a procedure will help you be psychologically prepared. You can read about it or even ask the doctor to decide whether to go with it. This helps to tell your mind what to expect, hence be more at ease. Having clear knowledge about the process creates assurance, especially if it comes from the doctor. 

Use of Local Anaesthesia

Most dental procedures require that the doctor uses local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel the pain. This blocks the nerves so that they are not sensitive, hence the procedure is painless. Always find out from your doctor if this is a route they would be taking with you when you get a procedure done. Knowing that it is an option, helps one to relax and not expect the worst.

Pain-Relieving Medication

Finally, after any painful dental procedure, one is given pain-relieving medication to use for some days until when they are through with the healing process. Because most processes are done under local anesthesia, one always starts feeling the pain when the procedure is long done. Painkillers come in handy to help with such kind of pain.

In Conclusion

Dental phobia is real, but it can be easily managed, and one can have an easy and pleasant experience. You need to know what can make you relax and go for it. It should not be an excuse for poor oral hygiene. Always seek help from the right dentists in Brooklyn NY, and you are guaranteed a great experience.

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