Dental Brooklyn Treatment Options: Root Canal Therapy (RCT)

Dental Brooklyn Treatment Options: Root Canal Therapy (RCT)

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When left untreated, an infected tooth causes excruciating pain. To eliminate this pain, opt for RCT. The tooth is made of different parts – one of the main ones is the root. The root of your teeth is the one that is deep in your jawbone. This is the one that contains the pulp.

The pulp contains nerves and blood vessels that maintain the integrity of the tooth. When your enamel is infected, the nerves and blood vessels will also be affected, causing pain and numbness. These affect the functionality of the tooth, which in turn makes it hard for you to eat.

The best way to do this is to remove the infected pulp. The dental Brooklyn expert accesses the pulp and cleans it. Failure to do this can lead to the loss of your entire tooth.

What is RCT?

When left untouched, infections will penetrate deep into the root of your tooth. Sadly, dental infections are common due to the presence of microorganisms in your mouth. These are easily triggered by a small change in the environment of the oral cavity. Infection also occurs due to dental injury, broken fillings, and more.

RCT is all about cleaning the deep tissues of a tooth to remove the infection. Traditionally, it was imagined to be painful, but with present dentistry, you won’t feel anything, just substantial relief.

So, why opt for RCT?

Reasons to Opt for RCT

Get Rid of Pain

The main reason why people opt for RCT is to eliminate pain and uneasiness. An infected tooth is usually sore and results in discomfort.

It isn’t any fun being in pain, especially root canal pain, which can be tough. If you have this form of pain over a period of time, use this therapy to eliminate pain.

It is vital to note that dentists use anesthesia to numb the area to ensure you are comfortable throughout the process.

Your Natural Teeth stay Intact

The main objective of any dental procedure is to ensure you don’t lose your natural teeth.

If you let the tooth sit the way it is, you are at risk of losing the tooth to extraction. Remember that nothing will replace the feel and function of a natural tooth 100 percent; therefore, ensure you don’t lose it.

Losing a tooth is no joke. You will be minus a tooth, or you will have to replace it with an implant or denture.

Saving the tooth eliminates the need for costly dentures and other restorative options. Retaining the natural tooth gives you both functional benefits that a fake tooth cannot give you.

It is Cost-effective

You might be tempted to think RCTis too expensive – well, it isn’t. Many dental insurance companies usually offer coverage for this procedure. Talk to your dental insurance provider to understand whether they cover the procedure or not. After this, find out if the dentist accepts the insurance or not.

It Protects the Remaining Teeth

When you go for RCT, you protect your adjacent teeth. Since you are not touching your natural teeth, you don’t interfere with the adjacent teeth.

Remember that an infected tooth can affect the neighboring teeth as well. By going for this therapy soonest, you correct the issue with the tooth and maintain the health of other teeth in the dental area.

It Saves a Lot of Time

In addition to RCT’s painless nature and its cost, it doesn’t take a lot of time. All you need is to make a few visits to the dentist’s office, dependent on the severity of the case at hand.

You don’t need to visit the dentist every day to execute the procedure. With the advances in technology, the procedure takes a short time, and the recovery period is shorter.

Prevents Future Issues

When you don’t handle the infection early enough, you might end up with an abscess, increased spread of infection, or damage to the jaw bone. Prevention of the spread of infection is crucial because it leads to a serious condition.

The therapy also reduces the symptoms. These include jaw pain, fever, and soreness around the mouth and mouth odor.

Improved Appearance

An infected tooth loses its natural look. Decay usually causes stains, cracks, or discoloration. RCT maintains your tooth in its original form and appearance. Work with the best dental Brooklyn expert to make sure you have the best outcome.

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