Dental Brooklyn 11224 Services: Selecting the Right Mouth guard that can protect your Teeth

Dental Brooklyn 11224 Services: Selecting the Right Mouth guard that can protect your Teeth

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Sportspeople understand the importance of using mouth guards. In case you are one, you may have tried using one already.

Mouth guards refer to objects used to offer protection to a person’s teeth during sports or any other vigorous activity. They shield the teeth from cracking or falling off. Mouth guards are also conventional among people suffering from bruxism. Such individuals often clench their teeth involuntarily, especially at night. If they fail to use mouth guards for this condition, their teeth end up chipping.

The use of mouth guards saves money by preventing the occurrence of injuries. Most guards are quite affordable. Individuals can easily install them at home. Users do not require to visit a dentist before wearing them.

How Does a Mouth guard Work?

A mouth guard is derived from a soft plastic material. It covers a person’s front teeth, shielding them from injury. Most mouth guards are readily available on the market, although you can engage a specialist to customize a set that can fit you comfortably.

The primary role of mouth guards is to neutralize any force exerted by a blow to the mouth or dental area. Injuries are common during sports activities. Appropriately using the guard prevents the occurrence of any grave injuries.

Mouth guards are available in several varieties with varying protection levels. Customized pieces are always preferred since they offer the highest protection. These are often customized based on the individual’s preferences and the kind of game that they are going to engage in. Consider available dental Brooklyn 11224 services to know what is right for you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Guard

Individuals need to consider several things when looking for the best mouth guard to wear. Overlooking some elements might lead to discomfort, or put the user at risk of injury.

Let us have a look at some of the things you should watch out for:


A mouth guard that fits you properly will not affect your speech or breathing. It should also be easy to wear and clean. Most sportspeople avoid using mouth guards due to fear that it will be noticeable. Suitable pieces are made from thin material that can easily go unnoticed.

Mouth guards are available in two significant fits – instant, and boil and bite fits. Boil and bite guards assume the shape of the wearer’s teeth. You first soften them, then bite on them to create the ideal fit that is not easy to fall out. Instant guards are ready for use as soon as they get sterilized. These can also be removed with ease; however, they do not take the shape of the wearer’s teeth.

Level of Protection

The right guard is known by how much protection it offers. Individuals who play without wearing guards are twice likely to be injured than those who have them. Be sure to invest in a piece that offers maximized protection.


Mouth guards may not necessarily be used for every sport. However, they have an essential role in games that involve contact. You may decide to get one depending on the game. For instance, football mouth guards need not be the same as basketball mouth guards. Footballers prefer getting one that has a lip guard integrated on it.

Those who play basketball need a guard that allows free communication. Boxing is another sport that involves too much hitting at the face. People that enjoy this sport ought to get a mouth guard that can withstand any high impact. One that can protect the jaws very well.

Specialized Mouth guards Ideal for Braced Teeth

In case you have braces, you will need to make sure that the guard you get can be used together with them. Orthodontic processes are quite expensive; you do not want to destroy the braces for something that costs much less.

Mouth guards that are compatible with braces are available in numerous styles and protection levels. These can accommodate the shape of the braces. They also shield you from lacerations that may result from the braces during activity.

Ready-made or Custom-made Guards

Another decision you will need to make is whether to go for ready-made guards or to get one specially tailored for your kind of teeth. Of course, the highest protection can only be derived from custom varieties.  These are made with the client’s desired protection level in mind.

The Bottom-line

When purchasing a custom-made guard, the dentist uses a mold to duplicate your teeth’s shape. They then use this kit to craft a real guard that fits your requirements. Custom-made guards may be more expensive than ready ones, but the comfort is worth every cent that you spend on them. You can get these appliances when you opt for professional dental Brooklyn 11224 services.

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