Bad Habits that Damage Your Teeth Part 3 of 4

Bad Habits that Damage Your Teeth Part 3 of 4

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The past two series have talked about a few ways your habits are destroying your teeth. We won’t stop there, because we have to emphasize these points to help you keep your teeth healthy.

These bad habits come up gradually; with time you realize you cannot avoid them.

Prevention is always better than cure if you know what to avoid keeping your teeth healthy.

We continue with these habits.

Gummy Sweets

Gummy sweets are a darling to millions of people, both young and old. These small, colorful drops of sweetness come in different flavors and exciting shapes to rope you in. Unfortunately, the sweetness comes at a cost – they are the worst kind of sweets.

Gummy sweets are made of sugars, and bacteria love sugar. The moment you pop a gummy bear into your mouth, bacteria gets to work. These bacteria break down these sugars to form some acidic byproducts. This acid eventually dissolves your enamel, exposing vulnerable underlying tissues. The process also causes cavities and a costly trip to the dentist office in Brooklyn.

Gummy bears are chewy and sticky. After a sweet chewing session, the gummy bears cover the tooth surface, which stops saliva from getting in touch with the enamel. Remember, saliva helps neutralize any acid that has accumulated in the mouth. Saliva is the mouth’s natural defense against processes that promote tooth decay. Since the acid cannot be neutralized, the enamel gets broken down fast.

If you wear a dental crown, then gummy bears are a no-no. The candies will stick to the crown’s surface and can easily pull it loose, which means you have another trip to the dentist office in Brooklyn coming up.

So, what should you opt for instead of gummy bears? Go for chocolate, candy bars containing nuts, or candy that melts fast and isn’t sticky.

The way you consume the candy bar determines the outcome. For instance, don’t consume the candy over a long period, because the longer you consume, the more sugar you supply to the bacteria. It would be best if you also brushed your teeth after consuming the candy.


Soda comes with many potential dental problems. Soda is made of acids and sugars, with these ingredients having both cariogenic and acidogenic potential.

Soda intake has taken over water and milk for many people. Taking liter after liter of soda has become a daily routine for many people. Sadly, this is one of the top causes of tooth decay among the population and the main reason people visit a dentist office in Brooklyn.

So, how does soda cause tooth decay? Soda contains many processed sugars that are broken down in the mouth to produce acid as a byproduct. Don’t be fooled by “sugar-free” soda because it contains acid, which breaks down the enamel. This is called erosion. It ends up reducing the hardness and thus the effectiveness of the enamel in protecting the underlying vessels and nerves.

Ongoing acid attacks end up weakening the enamel. This is detrimental to kids and teenagers because their enamel isn’t fully developed.

It doesn’t stop there. The acid goes ahead to attack the dentin, which leads to dental caries. If you don’t practice proper hygiene, the next thing is to develop cavities.

You can lessen the effect of the soda by decreasing the intake. Additionally, cleaning your teeth after every intake is ideal because it removes the sugars collected in the mouth.

Sodas also leave you dehydrated. Make sure you take a lot of water to stay hydrated and to reduce the effect of acids.

Tearing Items Using Your Teeth

Have you ever received a package, and you decide to use your teeth to tear it? In most cases, you are in such a hurry that you don’t have time to grab a knife to open the package.

It might seem convenient for you, but prying open these packages with your teeth can cause chipping and fractures. Instead, opt for a pair of scissors or a knife.

Some packages can dislodge a dental implant or a crown, so take measures to prevent this.

Go Slow on these Habits

If you have any of these habits, know that they are not doing any justice to your teeth. Instead, they are destroying your oral cavity. Find a way to avoid the bad habits by working with a dentist near you.

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