Daily Flossing in Your Preventive Dental Care

The dental team at the Eco Dental is all too well aware that many people struggle with daily flossing and that quite a few fail to do so every day. Even worse, some people will only do it immediately prior to a dental visit, or if they have something particularly irritating stuck in between their teeth. Reasons cited for failing to floss includes “it’s too time-consuming,” “it makes my gums bleed,” “I don’t need to do it if I brush thoroughly twice a day.”


Learn About Daily Flossing in NY

It’s true that daily flossing can take a while to do properly, especially when you are not used to doing it every day. It does require a little bit of dexterity and skill to manipulate the dental floss and to get it in between every single tooth in your mouth. However with a little bit of knowledge you can soon get to grips with flossing and it should only take a few minutes each day to thoroughly clean in between each tooth. So where can you get this knowledge? Just ask us! You’ll find we are all more than happy to demonstrate the correct way to floss and to help you learn how to do this properly. We can even advise you on the correct types of floss to use, although it might take a few attempts to find floss you feel happy using.


Reasons Your Gums Are Bleeding

If you find flossing makes your gums bleed then this is all the more reason to persevere as bleeding shows your gums are less than healthy. Healthy, strong gums should never bleed while being flossed or brushed and only do so when they are infected and inflamed. This infection occurs when plaque bacteria are allowed to build up on the gums, and the inflammation is the body’s response to try to control the infection. If you find daily flossing makes your gums bleed, or is less than comfortable to do, then it’s definitely time to book a full checkup and professional cleaning at the Midtown Dental Group.


Flossing Needed to Fight Gum Disease

We can soon diagnose any signs of gum disease and can recommend a suitable treatment plan to hopefully completely clear up this condition. As with any type of dental disease, periodontal treatment is always more effective and less invasive the sooner the condition is caught. This is why it is important to seek professional dental care as soon as you notice this symptom. Proper professional care combined with better dental care at home, including daily flossing, can soon see mild symptoms of gum disease improve (Read more: Periodontal Disease | Prevent Losing Your Teeth). Over just a few weeks you should notice your gums begin to bleed less frequently until they no longer bleed at all. After this it is important to make sure you keep up with your regular daily dental hygiene routine, and that you make sure to floss every day.


Importance of Dental Flossing

Some people mistakenly believe that twice daily brushing is enough to keep their teeth and gums healthy. But if you think about it then you’ll soon realize it’s impossible for your manual toothbrush to reach in between each tooth. The surfaces where your tooth contacts the one next door account for two thirds of all tooth surfaces, so this is what you’re missing when you fail to floss. With a little bit of practice daily flossing can soon become second nature, and you’ll probably find it feels wrong not to do so; at least that’s what we’re hoping.